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During my UXUI design bootcamp at Spiced Academy I was tasked with desiging an e-commerce shop of my choice. I took this opportunity to create a real shop for my passion project: dangli!

This innovative platform helps its users to cultivate a consistent running routine and overcome the obstacle of motivation through community engagement and mutual accountability.

What do you stand for?

Defining the brand identity

To get started with designing the e-commerce shop my initial focus was on understanding the essence of dangli and defining its core values. Derived from that I developed the design principles of the brand and project.

DEsign Principles

Unique & handmade

dangli's jewelry stands for its individuality and the craftsmanship that goes into each piece.

At dangli, we celebrate the uniqueness of each jewelry item by highlighting the handcrafted nature of the product and showcasing the process of making these products.


dangli seeks to provide a modern and stylish alternative to mass-produced jewelry.

A clean and contemporary visual identity of the brand with sleek, minimalist but playful design elements resonates with the stlylish urban user.

eco friendly

dangli is committed to using environmentally friendly materials and sustainable practices in its jewelry production.

By incorporate eco-friendly symbolism in the brand's visual identity and utilizing earthy natural colors the brand’s commitment to the planet is emphasized.

Learning from others' mistakes

Analysing the competitors & defining the priorities

Many jewelry e-commerce sites have cluttered layouts, frequent pop-ups disrupting the shopping experience and poorly designed filters that don’t facilitate an easy search process.

In contrast, streamlined competitor sites who emphasize their Unique Selling Points (USPs) and focus on clean, user-friendly interfaces leave a lasting impression.

To stand out in this competitive landscape, it was crucial for me to prioritize simplicity in the design of the web shop. I focused on minimizing disruptions, integrating user friendly filters, and prominently highlighting the brand values and unique selling points to attract and retain customers.

User Needs

Easy navigation
Users need a user-friendly interface with efficient information architecture for seamless product navigation
Awareness of Uniqueness
Users seek awareness of the jewelry uniqueness & want to explore the craftsmanship & technology behind the products
Clear Information
Users emphasize the need for efficient filtering options & easy insights into details such as size, materials & colors of the products
Good conscience
Users prioritize a good conscience, emphasizing sustainability, trans-parency, and ethical considerations in their purchasing decisions

Eco-friendly fashion please!

Understanding the User Persona

Based on my research, I crafted a user persona who prioritizes fashion and sustainability, actively seeking products aligning with her values without compromising style. After determining her motivations, wishes, needs and goals I was then able to derive the final problem statement.

Unique jewellery, easily found

User flow: filtering for the perfect product

As the e-commerce shop focuses on enabling users to easily finding the jewelery they are looking for, I created a user flow in which the user filtering for specifics such as type of jewelery and colour and gets fitting products suggested.


UI Design, crafted with thought

Visual Design - fitting to the brand

To best reflect the design principles of handmade, unique, and modern, I used a wooden brown as primary colour and neon green as secondary, infusing a modern urban flair accompanied by a contemporary sans-serif font. Unique, self-made icons enhance the visual identity, emphasizing dangli's commitment to individuality and craftsmanship.

Design system

Upgrade in process!

User Testing the UX

During on-site user testing with three participants, the goal was to assess finding matching earrings, site navigation, filtering, and understanding USPs (sustainability & uniqueness). Insights revealed a need for clearer product details, improved category organization, expanded filter options, and clarification of terminology like "dangly" earrings. These findings emphasize the necessity of enhancing product information, refining categories, and simplifying terminology for an improved user experience.

High fi screens


Creating the e-commerce shop for dangli has been both insightful and a great learning experience. As I move forward, I will keep refining the platform and eventually launch it to sell my products. Further user testing will be essential in ensuring that the site meets the needs of customers, and I am committed to implementing their feedback to enhance the user experience. Additionally, I plan to incorporate pages dedicated to showcasing the craftsmanship behind the product like laser cutting technology and provide customers with deeper insights into the unique process behind each piece. I look forward to the continued evolution of the dangli e-commerce shop.

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